Pathanjali Arogyadhama offers treatment for diseases using well researched system of Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda; this natural healing system has no hidden side-effects. Our stress management workshops for business executives teach you to live stress free, powerful, purposeful life, in today's competitive and commercial world.

Effective Naturopathy Treatments

Diabetes, Asthma and Breathing disorders, Cold, Cough, Cardiac illnesses, Arthritis and Bone diseases, Mental stress, Anxiety and Mental disorders, Migraine, Nervous disorders (like Parkinsonism, Diabetic neuropathy), Obesity, Constipation, Hyper-acidity and Ulcers, Indigestion / Flatulence, Piles (haemorrhoids), Acne, Dandruff, Hair-fall, Skin diseases, Allergies, Uterine problems (Fibroids, Polycystic ovaries, Menopausal problems)

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Effective Detoxification Therapies

We have good programs for detoxification and general rejuvenation.

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Stress Management Workshops

2-day weekend stress management workshops offers business executives a restful, revitalizing yoga retreats at our Nature Cure Centre in Kundapur (100 kilometres north of Mangalore, Udupi district, just off the National Highway) in pristine, peaceful settings of sun basked coastal Karnataka.

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