The Five Elements of Naturopathy

From ancient times the human race looked to Nature to provide food, clothing, and shelter.

In these times, medicines were not that important, because living in Nature, living with Nature, made the human race natural.

But, at the same time the five elements "Panchabhoothas" were an integral part of their life.

Water was used for cleaning.

Fire was used for warmth, for cooking and for purification.

Earth, along with leaves, was used to help heal wounds and rashes.

Air is such an essential part of life.

And the Ether was experienced during the natural phenomena of thunderstorm and lightening.

With the growth of "civilization" and a complex society, human beings moved away from a Natural life style and living. A mode of living in which the basic elements were directly used for living life itself; and moved to more artificial by using technology and other mechanisms that provided short-term boosts instead of long-term benefits.

This trend continues even today where we are divorced and separated from our Natural state.

Naturopathy is a mean of re-discovering this Natural state and using the "Panchabhoothas" to restore the harmony, to seek balance not only with in ourselves but also with Nature and the environment around us.