In modern times, life has become very demanding, with stressful situations arising almost every day. Meditation helps you to calm the conflicts and discords in your minds and attain a tranquil and blissful state of self-awareness.

Several types of Meditation are practiced these days to subdue the mind.

Chakra Meditation : Any thing which is in motion needs energy. Our body is filled up with universal force energy and needs flow of energy. This energy flows through chakras, situated within the body. Clearing the path for the energy to flow is called as chakra clearing and is the basis of chakra meditation.

The flow of energy in chakras is very important for your health. The meditation technique clears the flow of energy from one chakra to another, up to down and down to up without any obstacles.

Insightful meditation : This effectively helps to bring calm and clarity to the person’s mind. The entire practice is a mental training, used to develop a healthy, stress-free mind by focusing of the mind on the body.

Since meditation is an art that can (and must) be learnt gradually and usually under the guidance of a master (or guru). It is very crucial that anybody learning or practicing this art does it in the correct manner, since each individual mind with its specific personality has to be treated and trained in a unique way.

Apart from personal attention, the right ambience is extremely important for correct meditation.

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