On Naturopathy

Naturopathy is Joy of Living.

This is because Naturopathy is not a system of the Medicine which waits for a disease to occur before tackling it.

Naturopathy is the way of life and the Joy of living comes from the participation of all the senses, the organs and the entire human system interfacing with the Universal system.

It is in this intervention that the "Panchamahabhoothas" (five elements/ five principles) get renewed, restored and harmonised.

Secondly, in Nature it has been observed that if a system degenarates for example like "River system". If it is allowed to rest without interference the system recovers.

So also the case with the Human system. The first principle of Naturopathy is that "all Healing comes from within the body and if the body is allowed to rest without interference it can recover on its own".

Unfortunately we do not allow the body to rest till it has degenerated to an extent where as just rest is inadequate to restore Health and Harmony in such case Naturopathy preffers the following practice and treatments based again on the "Panchamahabhoothas" which begins with Fasting and continues with Hydrotherapy (water treatment) Mud therapy, Massage therapy, Sun therapy, etc.